On the waiting in might 1960: open minded sings come a an extremely demure Nancy "You do Me feeling So Old"

On January ninth 1956, candid Sinatra entered the not yet well known Studio A the Capitol documents at Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles for the first of a grasp of sessions because that a brand-new album. Released that March, Songs because that Swingin" lover would end up being not simply a bestseller yet the great defining title of the LP era. That declares itself in its opened number - a short, brassy Nelson Riddle vamp in what he chosen to contact "the tempo of the heartbeat", and then:

You do Me feeling So YoungYou make me feeling "so spring has actually sprungAnd every time I view you grinI"m such a happy in-dividual...

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And by the 2nd chorus he"s an even happier in-di-vi-du-al: together Frankologist will certainly Friedwald puts it, "You do Me feel So Young" "modulates native mere cheerfulness to exalted rapture".

In that week after ~ January 9th, Sinatra tape-recorded some songs by family members names - Cole Porter ("I"ve got You Under my Skin"), Johnny Mercer ("Too Marvelous because that Words") - and some by lesser-known writers yet with huge blue-chip catalogues - Donaldson & Kahn ("Makin" Whoopee"), Warren & Dubin ("You"re acquiring To be A Habit with Me"). However who wrote the number the kicks turn off the entirety shebang and embodies the heart of the enterprise? who was the happy in-di-vi-du-al who listed Frank with "You make Me feeling So Young"?

Answer: Josef Myrow.


Josef Myrow, born ~ above February 28th 1910 in Tsarist Russia. By the time he to be 12, Russia had ceased to it is in Tsarist, and also Mom and Pop Myrow had actually ceased to it is in Russian. Like countless others before them, they cruised west. Usually as soon as one contemplates the many musical presents the Romanovs bequeathed come the United states - Irving Berlin, say, or Irving Caesar or quite much any other Irving of the era - it"s a story of penniless Jewish immigrants finding their feet in the teeming tenement houses of the Lower east Side: You gain a lucky break as a singing waiter, and maybe graduate to song plugger at a believe Pan Alley publishing house. However the Myrows resolved in Pennsylvania, and young Josef checked out the university of Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Conservatory that Music, and then the Curtis institute of Music. And also by the moment those fine organizations were through with the he to be an accomplished concert pianist, who solo-ed through the Philadelphia and many various other symphony orchestras.

And then his big classical career took a detour. He began writing songs because that nightclub revues, and also before you understand it he had actually a hit - "Haunting Me", Number 14 because that Eddy Duchin in 1935 - and then a couple of more - "Five O"Clock Whistle", a triple bestseller for Glenn Miller, Ella Fitzgerald and also Erskine Hawkins; "Autumn Nocturne", Number 16 because that Claude Thornhill in 1941; and also "Velvet Moon", Number two for take care of James in 1943. They were popular music hits quite than lasting standards, and really redolent the the era: lock sounded, to quote another Josef Myrow title, "Overheard In A Cocktail Lounge". And, if you could do the well enough, you"d always be able to make a living. And also so by 1946 Myrow was out in Hollywood, his concert days much behind him, under contract come 20th Century Fox and writing for whatever property lock tossed his way. The an initial was If I"m Lucky, and Myrow certainly wasn"t: The movie starred Perry Como together a singer that decides to operation for governor in order that his music pals will uncover it less complicated to gain employment. Young Como was never much of one actor, however it"s tough to think anything v Phil Silvers, Carmen Miranda and also Harry James can be such a yawneroo.

Myrow acquired luckier with film number two: Three small Girls In Blue. This was a plot the studio remade every pair of year under a brand-new title. Previously seen as Moon end Miami (1941) and also before the as three Blind mouse (1938), it"s the one around a trio that gals setting out come ensnare millionaire hubbies. In this instance, the eponymous three little girls in blue were one of the less lively combinations of Fox blondes: June Haver, Vivian Blaine and also Vera-Ellen. Miss Blaine landing her rich aristocrat (Frank Latimore), miss out on Haver found true love through penniless George Montgomery, and also Vera-Ellen wound up v the wine waiter, played by an actor called George Smith, yet not before they serenade each various other with:

You make Me feeling So YoungYou make me feel "so spring has actually sprungAnd every time I watch you grinI"m such a happy in-dividual

The minute that you speakI desire to go play hide-and-seekI want to go and also bounce the moonJust choose a toy balloon...

To be technical about it, neither Vera-Ellen no one George Smith actually "serenaded" anybody: Carol Stewart dubbed Vera-Ellen"s to sing voice, and Del Porter referred to as Mr Smith"s voice (rather alarmingly). Yet both actors did a fine job twirling roughly as overgrown infants in the (by then) obligatory dream ballet that complied with the song"s vocal refrain. Myrow"s song was given words through Mack Gordon, a prodigious hit-maker of the day. The wrote 2 of the all-time great big-band train songs ("Chattanooga Choo-Choo" and "I got A festival In Kalamazoo"); a beautiful wartime ballad ("You"ll never ever Know"); a tune from the same period that go on to reap a second life, best down to our day and also Céline Dion"s version, as a sort of semi-soul/r"n"b ballad ("At Last"); add to "Time On my Hands", "(I Yi Yi Yi Yi) I prefer You really Much")", and on and also on. Sinatra sang Mack Gordon"s "This Is The start Of The End" means back in 1940, i m sorry turned the end to be just the end of the beginning of his partnership with Gordon lyrics: end the following 40 years he videotaped "Mam"selle", "There Will never ever Be one more You", "I had The Craziest Dream", and also a mildly disappointing take it on the magnificent brooding masterpiece, "Serenade In Blue". Many scholars don"t rate Gordon an extremely highly, in component because that lines like this from possibly his most renowned song:

Can you imagineHow lot I love you?The more I watch YouAs years walk byI know the just one for meCan only be you...

Sure, but, if you"re gonna go the route, why not "I only know the only one because that me have the right to only it is in you only..." on the other hand, fools sirloin in where wise men are afraid to tread, and Gordon"s double-only has been lovely by singers for two-thirds the a century. It looks dumb on paper, but somehow sound right when it"s sung. He to be very an excellent at that. And also he certainly served Josef Myrow"s tune. That starts with a tiny known verse:

Do i seem as cheerfulAs a schoolboy play hooky?Do i seem come gurgleLike a baby v a cookie?If ns doThe cause of it all is you

You do Me feel So Young...

Nobody bothers through that these days. In fact, castle didn"t bother through it in the movie. It"s no really needed, and also it spells the end a bit over-literally the premise the the chorus, through its "hide-and-seek", "toy balloons" and...

You and also IAre just like a couple of totsRunnin" across the meadowPickin" up numerous forget-me-nots...

But it"s not just the imagery. Gordon underlines the template stylistically. There"s what will certainly Friedwald phone call the "schoolkid-awkward isolation" that "in-di-vi-du-al", make a five-syllable enjoy the meal of a 25-cent word. (Pairing the "in-" through the "grin" the the previous line is an instance of apocopated rhyme. Hey, there"s one more 25-cent word!) And, in contrast to that extension, there"s the compression of:

You make Me feel So YoungYou make me feel "so spring has sprung...

Which is a convulsion of:

You do feel together though spring has sprung...

And that sings just beautifully, not least the climactic echo the "spring" and "sprung" in "A wonderful fling to it is in flung!" the course, Myrow"s track is terrific. Alec Wilder referred to as it "a simply great rhythm song" through "irresistible vitality" that claims "get out of my means till i finish". Can"t argue with that - return you do wonder why the composer never ever wrote noþeles remotely favor it ever before again. Then agin, you might say the same of Cliff Boland, v whose "Gypsy In my Soul" Wilder compares "You do Me feel So Young".

At the time, the didn"t perform much. Cock Haymes make a dull record, which didn"t even crack the height 20. So exactly how did it come to Sinatra"s attention to the point that, a te later, he determined to make it the opening cut on what turned out to be the an initial full-length, full-throttle celebration of his new ring-a-ding-ding persona? I always wanted to ask that that, and I once gained close enough to lug it up, much more or less casually. But it was a crowded room, and, simply as the was around to answer, someone cut in and also that to be that. What ns didn"t know then was the Sinatra had actually recorded no fewer than 4 Josef Myrow tunes. To placed that in perspective, that"s as countless as he taped by duke Ellington. You could not be able to get among those Ella-length crate sets out of open minded Sinatra Sings The Josef Myrow Songbook but you can get a pretty decent EP. The very first track comes appropriate from the dawn that his career - march 1940, two months right into young Frank"s huge break with the Tommy Dorsey band. Music through Myrow, native by Bickley Reichner:

Starry nightThis is The Fable the The RoseThe increased I provided my loveSo young and tenderSo in bloom...

You might feel for this reason young, yet that"s the sort of number that provides you feel genuine old genuine fast, although Sinatra and also Dorsey glide across it gorgeously. The third Myrow tune Frank videotaped is simply lovely. Every year, round about April, I uncover myself pottering about singing it. It"s indigenous a forgettable baseball movie through Ray Milland. To it is in honest, the song is no more than good enough, but Mack Gordon"s lyric is pure mid-century Americana, and Sinatra"s recording - native 1949, v an Axel Stordahl arrangement - is for this reason sincere he seems to be summing up part idealized recollection that his Hoboken boyhood:

It happens Ev"ry SpringThe people is young againWe"re children on an ups-a-daisy swingA carousel with steeds freshly paintedThe oom-pa-pa that states let"s obtain acquainted

What is the cheer i heard?A other stealing thirdYour neighbor"s boy came to be a home-run kingYour dad rolls increase his sleeves to clean the atticYour sixteen-year-old sister go dramatic...

I always like those baseball lines. However in in between "Fable of The Rose" and "It happens Every Spring", what to be the 2nd Myrow tune Sinatra recorded? Well, at some point in 1946 he entered the studio to take his very first crack at the "Soliloquy" native Carousel, and then at the end of the conference did a track from Three tiny Girls In Blue. Yet not "You do Me feeling So Young". He sang, beautifully, a charming ballad referred to as "Somewhere In The Night". But how come he and also Axel Stordahl took all the trouble to till through the score to the picture - and then chose to do not "You make Me feel So Young" but an obviously inferior song? to be it since of the Haymes record?

A decade later on he rectified the error, and also "You do Me feel So Young" continued to be in his publication all the means to the an extremely end. He sang the memorably at the Kennedy inaugural in 1961, dedicated to the youthful president. Because that a while, he liked to usage it together an opening number, but, even when he didn"t, he"d normally use it at an early stage in the act, as among those mid-tempo number that assisted him relax right into a show, and the venue, and also the crowd, before getting right into the ballads and also the tough swing. The modified the Nelson Riddle arrangement, acquiring Billy Byers to beat it up for his run at the Sands with Count Basie and also Quincy Jones. Byers provides the chart a little more drive in the intro, providing the extra level of power you want at a live performance. He assisted the number live up to its title: The older candid got, the younger that made the feel, together he peppered the renditions with outré grace notes, and the large bellowed "Yoooooooooo...." through which he favored to ride right into the last section that the 2nd chorus. If you desire to know the difference in between Sinatra and everyone else, the comes down to one word. To compare Ella"s record of the song. Once she desires to go and bounce the moon, "bounce" is a pretty sound, that"s all. Then go ago and listen to Frank: the all however literally bounces words off the valuation section. And, by the way, isn"t the id of "bouncing the moon" an ingenious wrinkles on one of the earliest of tin Pan Alley lyrical props?

In 1993, practically four decades after that initial recording, Sinatra was ago in Studio A at the Capitol Tower for among the really last times, record a brand-new "Young" because that his Duets project. They referred to as in Charles Aznavour, and also it"s funny to hear to one old geezer trying to save up through the other, Aznavour reveling in shadowing all of Frank"s linguistic tics, like the emphatic staccato extension of "today" come "this - right here - day!" or the "be-cause" he preferred to throw in, swaggering across the fill between the main theme and the center section.

Did he ever not feeling young to sing the song? At least once, official - once Nancy Sinatra got engaged to at some point youth idol Tommy Sands, and also Daddy and also daughter teamed up on TV for "You do Me feel So Old", courtesy of special lyrics by Sammy Cahn. However other than that, across four decades, the song retained its promise. And not because that the first time the planted the tune in the repertoire. Everybody"s done it since, from Rosemary Clooney come the Malmö Fire Brigade huge Band and also its Nordically-voweled vocalist ("You and also I are as with a pair of toots"). But, without Sinatra in "56, over there wouldn"t be a tune to cover.

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The Swingin" lovers recording was much more or much less a swan track for Josef Myrow. But it walk well enough to allow his boy to have actually the sort of job his dad could have preferred: Fredric Myrow studied with Darius Milhaud and also became one avant-garde serious composer, sponsor by royalties from that Sinatra track. And also when young Fred lugged his highbrow pals earlier to his parents" pad, they always asked Dad to walk to the piano and play "You do Me feeling So Young". My Maclean"s partner Jaime Weinman thinks Josef Myrow is the many boring composer in the an excellent American Songbook. However he was through Sinatra in march of 1940, and also still over there every night in the mid-Nineties, in part anonymous aircraft hangar of a large rock stadium on the sheet of town somewhere ~ above the map. End a quarter-century ~ his death, this song in Sinatra"s hand still provides Josef Myrow sound young:

You make me feel there room songs to be sungBells to be rungAnd a exorbitant fling to it is in flung!And even when I"m old and also grayI"m gonna feel the method I carry out today"Cause You do Me feeling So Young!

~For an different Sinatra hot 100, the Pundette has actually launched her own Frank countdown. She has one more Songs because that Swingin" lover track at Number 61: "Old adversary Moon." Bob Belvedere end at The Camp the The Saints is additionally counting down his top 100 Sinatra tracks, and also he has actually a favorite Swingin" Lovers song at Number 41: "Too Marvelous for Words."

~You can uncover the story behind many much more Sinatra songs in note Steyn"s American Songbook, if Steyn"s original 1998 obituary the Frank, "The Voice", have the right to be found in the anthology note Steyn from Head to Toe. Personal autographed copies of both books are exclusively obtainable from the Steyn store.