This blog is operation by Angela and also Joe, two people in a relationship with an nearly 40 year period difference. We created an online community, the may December Society, for people in age gap relationships, as well as anyone fascinated by period gaps. See the recent news, take part in discussions, re-superstructure stories and photos, give and receive advice, obtain much required support, and more! join us at: the end our videos: YouTube Channel#may december society#ask mds.submit.archive

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We’re going to make a video about our endure being on period Gap Love top top Netflix! ⭐️ Ask united state anything around it and also we might answer that in our video! If girlfriend haven’t viewed it yet, we’re in episode 2.

Heyaa! just wanted to give thanks to you both for blogging your relationship.. I’ve constantly felt for this reason alone v my period gap relationship. I’m tho hesitant about telling anyone how countless years me and also my hubs period difference. Of course is a no judging ar so… right here goes!I’m Sheila, and this is John. The is my heart and also I love him so much. We’ve been together for 7 year now because the summer that 2011. I was 20 he was 43. Homeboy is 50 now! God bless him. He’s not well-off (unfortunately hahaha) yet we space both 2 damaged bitches and we are rich in love. We have a 23 year age gap. Give thanks to you for sharing your story. It provides me feeling a lot less lonely! also shout out from fort Lauderdale my Florida friends.Enjoy each other and also remember come compromise. Relationships through or without an er gap space A pain IN THE ASS. You just gotta fight to keep the love alive. ❤️❤️❤️

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What do you think the our ridiculous list? It have to go there is no saying, we only support relationships in between adults.

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Nothing beats a an excellent horror story.💀❤️


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We finally answer a burning inquiry that’s been on everyone’s mind and maybe carry out some understanding into your very own relationship.

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Just choose the rest of us, the manatee is wary that Joe’s crocs.


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it is in our own personal guest as we go to a mall and also our neighborhood grocery store, plus drunk kitchen antics!