Italian rapper Young Signorino"s new one, "Mmmm Ha Ha Ha," is utterly ridiculous. It might also be the soundtrack for these times. Either method, the beats are fire.

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Hip-hop has most likely constantly sounded choose gibberish to adults. Obscure slang from eincredibly conceivable culture combined via highly specialized jargon from eincredibly edge of the criminal undercivilization are spit out in rapid-fire, gatling-gun staccato. It deserve to be hard to understand what rappers are talking around, also when you"re acquainted with the slang. And that"s not even to point out the music is usually made through obscure samples from dusty old records, or else drum devices and also synthesizers are corrupted and defiled right into all manner of stselection brand-new sounds and also shapes.

Hip-hop leaves the uninitiated scratching their heads, sometimes also heralding that it"s not also music. It"s the prime targain for old fuddy duddies wanting to talk smack about the "youngsters these days."

Italian rapper Young Signorino"s new single, "Mmmm Ha Ha Ha," is stvariety by even the the majority of hardened hip-hop heads standards, yet.



First and forea lot of are the lyrics, or lack thereof. "Mmm Ha Ha Ha" is even more onomatopoeia than any type of attempt to convey definition. At initially, it could seem you"re absent something from the Italian. Looking at the English translation mirrors that"s not the situation. In English, the lyrics go something like:

Alpha-Alpha-Alphabet ah oohAh oohAh ooh ahAlpha-Alpha-Alphabet rappapappapappapà"

That"s just the first authorize of what a stselection new people you"re entering once you hit play on Young Signorino"s surgenuine underground people. Look closer, and also you"ll notice he"s wearing a pair of jeans via an additional leg. He"s covered with abstract tattoos, as SoundCloud Rappers are known to be, however these stvariety glyphs fail to transmit any type of meaning. What does "sex by the numbers" mean? Why does he have actually a cigarette tattooed on his face?

Either Young Signorino is the ultimate conclusion of style-over-substance. Or he"s some kind of prescient genius, foreinforming a revival of surrealism and also Italian futurist poeattempt.

Either way, it sounds excellent. We"re not above obtaining down to some gibberish if it"s got a dope beat. "Mmmm Ha Ha Ha" has actually just that.

Many Web commentators seem to agree - "Mmmm Ha Ha Ha" might not, in fact, be that excellent. It"s going to be huge, regardmuch less. In a world where it"s so difficult to discover widespread ground and expertise, probably this is the ultimate Postcontemporary conclusion?

We Are: The Guard are into it if the beats slam and also the style is sick. So cover yourself in tattoos, construct yourself a bunker, and also prepare for a brave new civilization.

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