Also have actually Xenosaga 3 Godsibb an repeat also. (Haven't played it yet so don't spoil me, accidentally scrolled down in the comments favor a dumbass.)

Edit: Added a spoiler flair as the conversation has some spoilers.

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Tragic Decision is perhaps the a lot of underappreciated boss track in all of Xenoblade. It’s one of my favorites from XC1 (in addition to Zanza and Unfinished Battle), yet I never check out it lugged up on favorite track discussions. It’s so fucking excellent, and also it’s used perfectly among the times it plays. The various other time (versus Bana) is type of supposed to be humorous, and I choose it being used tright here, however I feel like it frequently overwhelms discussions about that track on the rare occasion that Tragic Decision does get carried up.

But yeah, Tragic Decision is an awesome layout, however one that a lot of world seem to forget around. Or perhaps I’m just out of touch in that many civilization actually really don’t favor it or in that it does get carried up a lot and I’m just bad at monitoring, idk.

Tbh, I prefer Tragic Decision but if I'm listening to XC1 (battle) themes, it's the faster-energy/even more uplifting battle themes You Will Kcurrently Our Names and Unfiniburned Battle that I a lot favor. Though that goes in general I guess, it's why I'm not a terribly significant fan of Jin or Amalthus's tracks in XC2 compared to every little thing else.

Haven't really dive into the old threads of music conversation (I'm going to eventually), so I don't really know the agreement on the topic, yet it's a terrific design template that plays for a really good villian. The other two tracks are additionally some of my favorite boss/battle themes.

I think the fact that it only plays when in the main story is a vast deterrent to its popularity. Unfiniburned Business is also pretty kickass, however choose Tragic Decision, it also plays precisely when in the game and also gets overshadowed by every one of the other battle themes.

Another crucial variable could be how Tragic Decision was presented on the OST. For some reason, the OST variation cuts out just before the songs starts structure to that epic climax. You can still discover the full variation on Youtube, yet if you didn't know any much better and just listened to the version on BrawlBRTSMs, you could think that the song was just slightly-more intense event music that was lacking any type of actual payoff.

The fact that it wasn't offered on Egil's final battle was a tragic decision on Monolith's part. If Xenoblade were to ever before acquire a remake, I would change the boss layout to that.

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