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Here’s excerpts from an interview with Jeremy Riddle around the song, from

Please phone call me the message behind the tune “Furious.” execute you have any an individual application concerning your walk together a Christian in creating the song?In my at an early stage days, i would have a minute of inspiration and also finish a track in a day. Currently that I’ve been composing songs for over 10 years, I get tunes in bits and also pieces. It always starts with the melody. Come me a melody is currently saying something. It has actually a message that hasn’t to be defined, but it has actually a mood and a feel. I’m always careful when pairing a blog post or design template to make certain the melody is lugged to life through the words.I think “Furious” started with a melody. I disputed several various directions it can have gone, and one day i was singing about God’s love, “His love is deep, His love is wide,” and also it just flowed. You feel that connection and say, yes, that’s the direction the the song. Then it becomes about the layout or thesis that the song. I started thinking about how a good song has a solid main point. The verses and the bridge help make the point. It becomes a holy bible study for me at that point. I want to soak in the word of God. I desire to dig deep into my very own encounters v the Love the God. I compose lyrics of pages the Scripture and also experience and review them and pick what jumps out at me. I spend a lot of time on every one of my songs. I have actually a passion to check out Scripture in songs.Did you basic the song on any type of Bible verses?Ephesians 3:14-21:For this factor I bow my knee to the father of our mr Jesus Christ, from who the entirety family in heaven and also earth is named, that He would approve you, according to the wealth of His glory, to it is in strengthened with could through His heart in the inside man, that Christ may dwell in her hearts v faith; the you, being rooted and also grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and also depth and also height— to understand the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you might be filled v all the fullness that God. Now to Him that is may be to execute exceedingly abundantly over all that us ask or think, follow to the power that works in us, come Him be glory in the church through Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.How deserve to listeners use that article in your walks together Christians when they listen to the song?God is really pouring out–during ours corporate praise times in ~ Bethel–this lot deeper knowledge of His love; just how passionate the is because that His people. God’s love is furious; it’s favor no other force. We’ve only glimpsed His large affections, heard whispers that His heart and His passion. That sort of revelation of His love, the is what alters people, the is what brings human being to repentance. The is what transforms nations, cities and neighborhoods.

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The song is dubbed “Furious” since God’s love is a force that native can’t describe. I love the tune “How that Loves” which explains God’s love as being “like a hurricane.”


Nothing have the right to tear us fromThe grip of His mighty loveWe’ve only glimpsed, His substantial affectionHeard whispers of, His heart and also passionIt’s putting down…His love is deep, His love is wideAnd that covers usHis love is fierce, His love is strongIt is furiousHis love is sweet, His love is wildAnd that waking hearts to lifeThe father loves and also sends His sonThe boy lays under His life for allHe lavishes His love top top usHe calls united state now, His sons and daughtersHe’s reaching out…And it’s waking hearts come lifeHe is waking hearts come lifeHe is waking hearts to life