Are you getting this error message ‘your store isn’t eligible because that Instagram product tagging’ as soon as you submit because that Instagram shopping? many startups and little businesses depend on Instagram for marketing products and they challenge this error, no matter just how much they try.

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Do girlfriend know around 46% of Instagram individuals buy commodities after seeing them in their feed?

However, there space thousands of Instagram account that do not use the Instagram shopping feature and still they space a success. 


In this blog post, we will tell girlfriend the typical reasons behind ‘your keep isn’t eligible because that Instagram product tagging’ and what is an easy solution you can opt for. 

An basic solution, a step-by-step guide


Do inspect If:

1-Reset her account by convert from business account to personal account

You can readjust your offering account earlier to business account later but in order to clear any type of potential issues, us recommend switching.

1-Go to your Instagram Profile

2-Select settings > Account

3-Press ‘Switch to personal Account’.

2-Delete Instagram account from Facebook business Manager

1-Open ‘Business Manager’ and go to ‘Business Settings’ from your on facebook account.

2-Navigate to accounts > Instagram Accounts.

3-Click on her Instagram account name and also click ‘Remove’ ~ above the right corner of the screen.

3-Disconnect Facebook page from your Instagram settings

1-Tap ~ above the optimal right hamburger food selection on her Instagram profile.

2-Navigate to ‘Settings’ > Account > linked Accounts > Facebook

3-Tap on ‘Unlink Account’. 

4-Disconnect Instagram account from on facebook account settings

1-Go to your on facebook account settings.

2-Select ‘Instagram’ from the left menu.

3-Scroll down the page and also press the ‘Disconnect’ switch given in the tab of ‘Disconnect Instagram Account’.

5-Change Facebook page Template come Shopping

There are chances that friend have set the not correct template. Usually, Facebook service page is collection as ‘general service page’. In bespeak to get approved for Instagram product tagging, you have to choose the ‘Shopping’ template.

1-Go to settings of your facebook page.

2-Pick ‘Templates and also Tabs’ indigenous the left menu.

3-Pick ‘Shopping’ under ‘Templates’ on the right.

4-If the various other template is selected already, just press the ‘Edit’ button and also switch to ‘Shopping’. 


6-Delete and reinstall Instagram app, switch ago to business account

After every the changes, delete the app and reinstall the Instagram app after a few days. Log ago to your Instagram account. 

Switch back to your service account from her Instagram profile but don’t reconnect to your on facebook page. However, Facebook might automatically try connecting you to your company Manager. If any such thing happens, no must worry. This won’t stop you from obtaining approved for product tagging. 

Instagram product tagging: basic solution

1-Reset your account by convert from service account to an individual account

2-Delete Instagram account from Facebook business Manager

3-Disconnect Facebook web page from her Instagram settings

4-Disconnect Instagram account from on facebook account settings

5-Change Facebook page Template come Shopping

6-Delete and reinstall Instagram app, switch ago to company account

Do check If:

Your product catalog is collection right

If you use Shopify platform for marketing products, you require the synthesising process with the catalogs. Disconnect and delete your on facebook Shop application and an in similar way disconnect and delete Instagram to buy app. Have actually nothing associated to her products. 

Why would you must do this? Instagram screens information in a certain method when it considers product tagging. For instance, Instagram doesn’t display product titles in every caps. Also, Instagram doesn’t like using product descriptions because that linking to various other products. And if friend have various product size or colors and you didn’t appropriately fill them, Instagram i will not ~ let friend tag. 

Tagging problems could it is in due to countless reasons pertained to product catalogs favor naming conventions, to let go pricing, product sizes and also variations like colors etc.

If you room using a third party app for product catalogs import on facebook catalogs in company Manager and also you space not certain where the trouble is, go to ‘Catalog Manager’ under Diagnostics in Facebook organization Manager. You will get the perform of errors.

Therefore, that is advised to add your best products manually in the start. This way you would be 100% certain that the directory information is filled correctly before applying for Instagram product tagging. 

Your Instagram account is associated with your Facebook

First, you need to have the function of administrator on your Facebook company Manager page in bespeak to affix Instagram account with your Facebook company account.

1-Go to facebook Settings.

2-Select Instagram native the left menu.

3-’Add her Instagram to get started.


Your Instagram account is updated

Sometimes the noticeable reason is ignored. And there are instances once the just thing staying clear of you native Instagram product tagging is out of date version of your Instagram shop app. So before following any kind of solution, do examine if her Instagram account is updated or not. 

Instagram Shopping attribute is not triggered for your location/country

Not all countries are eligible to sell on Instagram. Here is the list of nations eligible for offering through Instagram.

List of nations with set off Instagram shopping feature

-United States







Costa Rica

-Dominican Republic


-French Guyana








-Puerto Rico










-Czech Republic



























-Saudia Arabia




-South Africa






-United Arab Emirates

-United Kingdom


-Hong Kong




-New Zealand

Your products are complying with the Instagram guidelines

One use case for an understanding is, if girlfriend are offering weapons top top Instagram your account i will not ~ be eligible for Instagram Shopping. Also, Instagram purchase is only for physics goods. This is one huge problem because that businesses selling services and also not physics goods. 

Furthermore, make sure you execute not it is registered your Facebook business page category as ‘services’, this may additionally cause rejection.

You are offering through Instagram service account/profile

Before setting up one Instagram account for your online store, adjust your Instagram to organization profile. Give credentials like adding email address, Shopify website etc. So that Instagram knows that your space running a legit business. 

Your organization looks choose a fake one

This guideline is an expansion of the ahead one. If you use Google pictures as your products, and do not usage descriptions, it is possible that you won’t get approved on Instagram. 

Instagram desires real organization data because that valuation, try to optimize your profile, bio and also posts for the matter. Like, include business email id, attend to and call number. 

Your account was flagged or banned

If your account was banned or flagged in the previous due to any type of reason or if you offered bots because that likes, then there space high possibilities that girlfriend won’t be able to tag commodities on Instagram. 

Final verdict

Here is a catch, you have to activate the Shopping feature of Instagram before product tagging (go to Instagram profile, click settings > organization > shopping and also select the product magazine you great to attach to her account). Also, execute look into the reasons we mutual as you will never recognize what’s causing the concern until you figure out. In case, you can’t diagnose the problem, then just follow the systems we noted in the first half the this blog post. 

Phaedra solutions is a experienced Shopify and ecommerce organization provider.

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If reading the above blog is tho confusing for you and also you are unable to deal with Instagram product tagging issues, we will be happy come help.