This cropped up suddenly in the previous several days and also hasn't gone away. Normally, the "Videos" ar of my channel web page lists every one of my videos, provided and unlisted. Now it reads just "This channel has actually no videos." (I have over 1000 videos, actually, and the account is virtually 10 year old.)

When ns switch to a different account or log out, the channel display screens my noted videos correctly. Yet whenever I'm logged right into the channel's account, the acts choose I have actually no content and gives me indict on getting started / uploading a video. Going to the videos perform in YouTube Studio lists all my videos correctly, but they don't present on my actual channel for me only.

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Anyone understand anything about this? i haven't seen any type of results for it that aren't from last year / describing other issues, and I wasn't able to create any an outcome dealing v the channel customization settings, which seem more minimal than last year, which every the short articles giving indict for are from.

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So ns noticed that something on YouTube readjusted recently (very mysteriously). Interesting way your post is the only other one I might find about this problem (at least I think it's the practically the exact same issue, wherein for me it was that i cannot see unlisted/private videos that my own channel conveniently anymore).

In the past, once I clicked on "Your videos" native the YouTube residence page, it would certainly send me come which reflects a page with all uploaded videos, unlisted, private, or publicly (you deserve to still see every one of your videos).Recently, the change made it to where as soon as I click "Your videos" it will certainly send me straight to YouTube Studio which is really inconvenient for just picking a video clip that I've uploaded to watch.

Very strangely, on one account the "Your videos" switch will tho send me to yet on a different account it will certainly send me come YouTube Studio.

I think what you might be act is walking to her channel and also clicking the "Videos" tab which sends out you come>/videos instead of . The former link will not present you any type of unlisted/private videos, the is favor viewing together if you weren't logged in (but i am not sure why that wouldn't show you any kind of of your provided videos, probably a most your recent videos room unlisted/private?).

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In summary: shot going come this link:

Here's a screenshot the what the web page looks prefer in case Google changes it without an alert (as they perform often).