Videos space meant to be watched which means if you’re the town hall YouTube, the website expects that you haven’t sent out it to the background. That’s not exactly how everyone city hall YouTube. The website lets you create playlists and also if they’re music playlists that you’re listening to, the tab doesn’t really need to be in the front. You deserve to send it come the ago or minimize the window that it’s open up in. YouTube can’t phone call if it’s in the background or not yet it deserve to tell if you haven’t communicated with the website in a while and also that’s as soon as it will certainly pause the video clip that’s playing. Girlfriend will watch a ‘Video paused. Continue watching’ prompt. You need to click correct to continue watching.

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To disable the ‘Video paused. Proceed watching’ prompt, you have to use an extension called YouTube NonStop. This is a Chrome expansion so this equipment only applies to Chrome, and additionally to the development beta that Edge, if you’re to run it.

Install YouTube NonStop native the Chrome net Store and it will take care of the rest. You deserve to leave YouTube running in the background and also the expansion won’t avoid the video from playing when you haven’t communicated with the website for a lengthy time.


YouTube added this prompt about two years ago. It was sporadic earlier then and also not all users saw it. It seems to only show up if you’re signed in to YouTube and also have to be ‘watching’ for too long.

The attribute is meant to save data, and also perhaps even battery if you’re watching on a laptop that isn’t plugged in. If the video clip keeps playing, it will certainly consume more data, particularly if you have actually autoplay enabled. In ~ the exact same time, the battery will diminish much faster since you’re play media in a source hungry browser. The prompt isn’t without purpose yet there have to be an alternative to revolve it off.

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The expansion is passive; you have the right to hide that in the overflow food selection or the extensions’ menu. You can’t toggle it On or Off. You deserve to disable that if you want the feature earlier (or uninstall it) however there’s no off button. If you favor Firefox end Chrome, over there doesn’t seem to it is in an add-on for it that can remove this feature. We stated that the note doesn’t show up when you watch without signing in. If you deserve to watch there is no signing in, you may not check out the prompt. Of course this method no watch history and you lose access to her playlists and also channel subscriptions.