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16 June 1998
3.54 / 5.00.5 from 328 ratings
#400 for 1998


RoyalOrleans Jul 30 2009 4.00 stars
Beats: A-Gritty, minimalistic, and also hard. I offered to not be really entertained by them, however they've get an impressive on me a lot. An excellent use of acoustic guitars.Lyrics: A+What makes Z-Ro's power on this LP therefore special? His passion, delivery, and consistency. When he raps, and ESPECIALLY ~ above this album, you can tell the he's placing all his soul into it. He may be loosing breathe, have the right to you hear it?, however he's only acquiring strength. The is a young, passionate, male at this point in his career and he's simply bursting. And that's what you get when friend hear that rap. To explode of thugged the end passion, a conscience that will certainly kill without regret, and prayers come God to pardon (or forget?) his angry ways. In short, whenever Z-Ro raps ns am on the edge of my seat.Originality: B+Out of all the S.U.C. There are just a few who went out to do legitimate names because that themselves, and also made works of arts that didn't fall ago on the fact that they were in the legend S.U.C. Z-Ro is among the best to have done so. An additional mentionable is huge Moe. But what's great her is the Z-Ro videotaped this no as an S.U.C. Member, however as himself. Remember, Ro put a ring on his finger since he sleeps through "Z-Ro." appropriate off the bat we as the listener understand that Z-Ro will certainly be hogging the spotlight in his albums, and is intent on do his functions of art however he pleases.
makaveli1984 may 18 2009 3.50 stars

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This is some type of Houston secret classic. It's great! over there are countless different styles of rapping combined together top top this album. From fast spitting, with slow, to straight 2pac affect style. From regular singing to crazy Bone thugs n harmony kind stuff. Every little thing in dark, straightforward and sad atmospheric beats. The cover says everything, simply "Look what girlfriend did come me". Dope!