The following dungeon is covert at the eastern end of the Overworld Map. When you can have uncovered the dungeon very early top top in the quest, and also even perfect it instantly after the an initial dungeon, this one is a tough. I recommend choose up a potion and also getting the bomb upgrades if you have yet to execute so.

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From the start display walk to the right 4 screens, up two screens, best a screen, under a screen, and also right a screen. Here you will uncover a lone shrub that is prevent the pathway. Pull the end the Candle and burn it under to reveal the entrance right into the next dungeon, The Lion.



9.2 The Lion

Progress in ~ this pointTotal LifeHeart Containers
New in this sectionItems:Magic Book, Compass, Dungeon Map, magical Key, love Container #13, Shard #8, Triforce of WisdomLocations:Level 8: The Lion




There space several different routes with this dungeon together neither item you get is compelled to finish the game, and you can additionally skip number of rooms that have just ideas or the Compass. From the enntrance gate you can go v the door come the appropriate to collect simple key. However, we don’t need that extr key. Instead, just head left a screen.

Right far you will discover a Manhandla and you have to defeat it. Usage bombs to make points easier. Grab the rupees that room left behind and also head come the following room.

Here we have a whole assortment the enemies and you’ll need to defeat lock all. As soon as you have actually done so, push the block top top the left and head under the staircase.

Run over and collect the Magic Book. This article serves together an update for the Magic Wand, as currently when you use the Magic Wand, not only will it shoot out a beam, however it will also shoot out fire. This item will basically render the Red Candle totally useless, together this lamp up rooms and also has much better range. Resurface and then head earlier right two displays to get back to the entrance of the dungeon. Native there, head up a screen.

There is an additional Manhandla here and also you deserve to defeat it if you’d prefer to get some rupees. Location a bomb along the northern wall and blast that open.

This room is filled through Blue Darknuts and four stone Statues that will certainly shoot fireballs at you. If girlfriend aren’t fully powered up, this room have the right to be fairly a challenge. Unfortunately, you need to defeat every the adversaries to progress. When they space all defeated, take the key and head left a screen.

Defeat the Red Darknuts and grab the key that is left behind. Backtrack come the appropriate two screens and then usage a crucial on the locked door.

Grab the Compass the is in the room and then head ago left a screen. Because the Darknuts have been defeated, the door over will be open, so head ~ above through.

There are more Blue Darknuts here and while we’ll eventually need to loss them, currently is not the time. Usage a bomb and also blast open up the wall at the optimal of the room.

Here girlfriend will uncover a Manhandla and while you technically don’t need to defeat him, doing so will reason the Dungeon Map come appear. Take the map and also head up through the locked door.

Defeat all of the opponents that space in this room and also then push the block that is on the left to reach the staircase.

Climb over and grab the miracle Key. This item will permit you to open up every solitary locked door and doesn’t walk away after ~ you usage it. The basically will certainly render consistent keys obsolete. After friend grab the key, resurface and also then head left a screen. Go ago down two displays to the room through a bunch of Blue Darknuts. Defeat them all and also then head right through the door that opens up up.

If you defeat all the adversaries here you deserve to grab some Bombs, however otherwise, head down the staircase to the right.

After surfacing back up v the secret area, you’ll be in a room with eight Pols Voice. If you defeat them all, a key will drop because that you, but due to the fact that you have actually the miracle Key, the is useless. Don’t bother through the room come the left. Instead, location a bomb against the northern wall surface and head up to take top top the dungeon boss.

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Here girlfriend will uncover Gleeok, a repeat boss that we fought earlier on. The only difference here is that Gleeok currently has 4 heads and also you’ll have to hit them all off. Despite that apparent difficulty, the Magical sword does wonders and you should have the ability to defeat Gleeok fairly easily. Take the heart Container the is left behind and head up a screen.