Tbelow is a difficult-to-resolve Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild very cshed to the Tabantha Stables referred to as Shae Loya Shrine.

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How to finish the Shae Loya Shrine All Treasure Chests Breath of the Wild
There are a grand also full of 120 shrines in the base game of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and some of those shrines are incredibly challenging to defeat. One of these is the Shae Loya Shrine, a shrine in the western part of Breath of the Wild"s map.

Shae Loya Shrine"s Location

Shae Loya, or the Aim for the Moment trial, is situated in Tabantha. Heading out of the Tabantha Tower, west of the Castle, players simply need to follow the road west. They will ultimately run right into the Tabantha Stable, on of the fourteenager stables inside of Breath of the Wild, and also Shae Loya is the shrine best beside it. This area is extremely cold, and players will want to have actually some warming foodstuffs or apparel to undertaking out this far right into the icy wilderness.

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How to complete the Shae Loya Shrine All Treasure Chests Breath of the Wild
The first treacertain chest in Shae Loya is located high up on the wall behind the player as shortly as they enter the Shrine. Look up along that wall until a wooden shelf deserve to be seen; this has the initially of the treasure chests. Players have the right to either fire consistent, ice, or BotW"s shock arrows at each of the ropes holding the shelf in location, or they have the right to set fire to the shelf via a fire or bomb arrowhead. Once the ropes are reduced or the shelf has been burnt, a steel treasure chest will certainly tumble to the ground. Inside, players will uncover a Falcon Bow.

How to complete the Shae Loya Shrine All Treasure Chests Breath of the Wild

Next Steps

Head back to the beginning platform and look to the ideal of Link"s beginning suggest. There have to be a ball being tossed right into the air over and over aacquire. The vital to solving the shrine is to obtain the ball to autumn from its platdevelop and right into the bowl listed below. The finest means to carry out this is to usage Link"s Stasis rune to freeze it, then hit the sphere via arrows to press it out of its normal trajectory.

How to complete the Shae Loya Shrine All Treacertain Chests Breath of the Wild
Players also might have the ability to dislodge the ball making use of well-put bomb arrows, but the Breath of the Wild Rune power Stasis appears to be the simplest method to knock the ball into the bowl.

Once the round has actually fallen into the bowl, the platdevelop below Link will start to glow. It is currently triggered and will certainly toss Link into the air at regular intervals. First, Breath of the Wild"s Link must head toward the ball; tbelow is treacertain chest situated behind wright here the round was bouncing.

Inside this chest is a Topaz, which is helpful for upqualities to Link"s armor or to market in order to farm for Rupees in Breath of the Wild.

Solving the Shae Loya Shrine"s Final Puzzle

Players will then need to head ago to the platform that the ball unlocked. Instead of facing towards the ball this time, but, players will certainly want to look at the wall left of the ball, facing the same direction they were once they originally gone into the shrine. Once the platdevelop launches them right into the air, tright here will be a concealed nook in the wall with a crystal in it.

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Fire an arrow while in bullet time, revolve the crystal from orange to blue, and the door to the shrine"s owner will certainly unlock. It can look choose a difficult trick swarm for Breath of the Wild players, yet it is fairly simple via the slowed down bullet time when players pull out their bows.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available for Nintenexecute Switch.

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Source: YouTube, Breath of the Wild Interactive Map

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