This is a walkwith for Shora Hah Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). This shrine"s location and puzzle solution, and how to acquire the surprise treasure chest can all be uncovered right here.

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Shora Hah Shrine Rewards

Shora Hah Shrine Rewards
Royal Bow Great Flameblade Giant Ancient Core
Silver Rupee Foremainder Dweller"s Sword Ice Arrow x10
Spirit Orb - -

Shora Hah Shrine Walkthrough

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Use Magnesis on the spikes ahead and also lift it until you obtain past it.
Go left then adjust the steel platcreates so you have the right to reach the blue torch at the height.Adjust the steel platcreates to reach the chest on the left containing a Royal Bow.
Use the torch on the floor to pass the flame on the adjacent unlit torch or simply light up an arrow and also shoot the unlit torch through it.
Stand also beside the second torch. Use Stasis on the third spout then quickly pass the flame onto the torch at the end of the course. You have the right to likewise light an arrowhead to shoot the third torch if you have actually a bow that can shoot much sufficient.
Pass the flame to the torch on the elevator making use of a bow as soon as it reaches the lowest suggest.
Go up the stairs in the middle and also action on the switch. Ready your Magnesis to get the spiked steel boulder out of your way up.
Proceed to the following room and defeat the 4 Guardian Scouts.The chest on the ideal consists of a Great Flameblade while the chest on the left consists of a Giant Ancient Core.
Use the torch on the elevator to pass the flame to the torch alongside the gate.
Pass the flame to the main torch then prior to you pass it to the others, usage Stasis on among the spouts before passing the flame on the torch in front of it. Quickly pass the flame on the remaining torch prior to the impact wears off.
Pass the flame to the following torch ahead.
Light up an arrow and also fire it throughout the two torches once they reach the facility. Doing this will certainly soptimal the platcreates and also produce an upward gust.
Glide to the second platform then usage a lit arrowhead to shoot the torch on your left.
Light the torch on the steel platcreate. Use Stasis on the spout prior to bringing the steel platdevelop to the various other side.
Grab the nearby chest through Magnesis and also open up it to receive a Silver Rupee.
Use the gust to glide to the other side.Glide to your right to reach a chest containing a Foremainder Dweller"s Sword.
You have the right to defeat the 3 Guardian Scouts in the next area commonly or you can just light the leaves on the ground to burn them quickly.
Light the torch outside the circle. Equip a torch or any wooden weapon and light it through blue flame. Stand also in the middle of the torches and also perdevelop a spin attack by holding the attack button to light all the neighboring torches at once.
Open the adjacent chest to achieve 10 Ice Arrows.

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Proceed to the altar and research it to get a Spirit Orb.